How can Listaflow help your team?

It’s got a lot of tricks up its sleeve. Get down to business with...


Have your team members create checklists based on templates you’ve created.


Have team members self-report hours, or how many times they felt a meeting could have been an email.


Collect each team member's response with free-form fields – complete with Markdown support!


Have people attest to completing their tasks.


Have your team members rate their experiences or sentiments on a scale.


See how team members have responded over time, with statistical analysis.

Build templates

Need to create easy processes that your team has to perform time and time again? Checklist templates prevent team members from missing anything! And they're smart! Build one checklist, and hide tasks that don't apply to certain team members. To do lists, just got way easier.

See trends over time

Are your sprints getting better or worse? Are team members able to find enough work? Is everyone completing their checklists? You'll never have to wonder again. Use Listaflow's beautiful reports to see trends over time, response rates, response comparisons, and more...

Send reminders

Listaflow sends reminders to team members so that no one forgets to complete their tasks. Bring up team participation with effective, intelligent notifications that keep your group on track.

Make it your own

Listaflow’s open source license and development instructions make it easy to experiment and change things to your team’s needs. Build without permission, and share your changes with others to copy and start the cycle again!

Are you ready to get your team in sync?

Get Listaflow for yourself, and bring your check-ins, checklists, and processes to the next level.
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